10 August 2014

It's all weddings and babies!

One scroll through my facebook feed and you'll regularly encounter one or all of the following; someone getting engaged, someone getting married or someone having a baby, I guess I have got to THAT age though not to the stage where I want any of the above! Anyway I waffle, the project for this post is not a competition entry, for once, it is a card and envelope I dreamt up to give to one of Tom's old school friends and his new wife on their wedding day :)

It is fairly simple in both design and execution but I feel it delivers a great effect all the same. Yet another card using simple matting and layering, with a white on white design, highlighted with gems down the centre of the butterfly in colours matching the wedding invitation sent to us. The card is finished off with a swirly congratulations, stamped in yellow to match the middle layer of card stock. Once again, a thrifty crafting technique was used by removing the centre of the yellow mat to use on another project.

The envelope is also intended to co-ordinate with the yellow used in the card. The corners were stamped in versamark, using the OHS medium walesby heart, and then embossed to add intrigue and texture.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo, I intended to get a better one but my boyfriend put in straight in the envelope after he had written it!

Once again thanks for taking an interest and the time to read my post,

- Rebecca

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