23 August 2014

Home Decor

The building of our 'annexe' is almost done, its water tight at least, waiting for the electricians to do their thing this weekend ready for the plasterers to come in and we will be one step closer! I was too excited to wait to make the first hand made item to fill the walls with colour (apparently we will have to wait at least 6 months to wall paper and paint in COLOUR), so I am eager to not live in a completely off white home for that long, hence the need to get creating to inject a little colour :) As an aside, however I do get my lovely red kitchen from the off! The wall hanging below is for our living room which will ultimately be lime green and grey.

Close Up

Hung on a wall using two different green and 2 different grey/silver ribbons

The MDF heart is a product from the MDF man (google him, he is brilliant!). I started by applying a layer of gesso as a preparatory layer (to 'seal' the MDF so I didn't need to use as much acrylic paint. This shade of green was made by mixing a shade of green acrylic paint I happened to have with some cheaper white acrylic paint to lighten it (I try to be a thrifty crafter where I can, as then I can buy more things!). After this, I sprayed the whole heart (outside, so as not to catch the desk - i've now bought a cat litter tray (as advised at the techniques workshop I went to) so I can spray to my hearts content even when the weather isn't good, we do live in England after all) with OHS spray ink in 'Pearly Silver' before stamping the OHS Walesby Heart and Gingham Border in green ink (I made this a few weeks ago and can't remember what shade it was so forgive me) to add texture to my background. The border was created by laying green (exhausting my collection of lime green buttons - an excuse for a shopping trip!) and grey buttons around the outside to find out how many I needed before sticking them on with Cosmic Shimmer glue for the flat buttons and silicone glue for the buttons that did not sit flat (after removing their backs as best I could with my Tim Holtz scissors). The Home Sweet Home was stamped and then green ink was blended into the paper using my mum's Inkylicious brushes (I need some of these and so do all of you!).

I am quite pleased with the result I have achieved, though as usual it isn't anything like what I had first envisioned! Thanks for reading my blog,

- Rebecca

Left: a mottled tie-dye-esque design I decided not to go with! Right: my base colour before any additions


  1. What a great piece of home decor for your new annexe! It's going to look stunning on the wall. x

  2. Thanks, I'm so excited to have a plastered and painted wall to put it on!