31 August 2014

Crafty Organisation

I find it is very easy for  all my crafting tools and projects to become very unorganised and as a result this makes me less likely to craft as I struggle to know where to start. Organising seems to be an on going job with everything in my house as I am a bit OCD with wanting everything to be in its place (this is hard at the moment as we only have two rooms and a small pantry cupboard for all of our things, I can't wait until our annexe is complete and our space more than doubles). Last night I decided I would start the re-organisation of my craft stuff by labelling my ink pads. This was the result:

My Tim Holtz distress inks (minus the 4 that were on my work table)

My current project (with my other distress inks)

A blending pad for each distress ink I own (labelled accordingly with the colours)

To organise my distress inks I used Tom's Dymo labelling machine to print two of each colour that I have (one for the ink pad and one for the bag with the blending pads). I know you can get the labels online but this way was much more efficient for me (no needing to look for sticky paper etc to print my labels and no fiddly cutting out to be done, which with this cold I was in no mood to do!)

My next wish organisation wise is a nice set of shelves in our new study above my desk so that I can position these ink pads with their labels facing out so at a glance I can see what I'm looking for, Tom agrees that it is a good idea, so fingers crossed it will happen!

Thanks for reading my blog on my organisational ideas for ink pads, I hope to post more on my different crafty organisational ideas soon,

- Rebecca

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