5 August 2014

A foodie post!

Well, this blog is supposed to be for both my crafting and cookery posts, so I think it's about time that I publish a food post.

Tom has been mentioning for the last couple of years that he really likes Asparagus and Parma Ham tarts and when am I going to make him one, so a couple of weeks ago I realised that the asparagus season would soon be coming to an end and I ought to make him one!!

I found a recipe on the website of Delicious  magazine and decided that it seemed like the perfect recipe, especially the fact that it contained a certain brand of cream cheese with chives, which I knew would be popular with Tom!

Once again, this is not one of the best pictures I have ever taken, I am working on that and it should be easier now I have a new phone with a much better camera and a Tom who is interested in photographing my work for me.

The tart went down very well, although Tom said it wasn't what he had actually meant!! Ah well, he said it was better so I can't get too cross!!

Thanks for stopping by,

- Rebecca


  1. It was! It was a lot for two people though! We ate it for either lunch or dinner for about 4 days as had no room in the freezer!