13 September 2014

Ink Blended Backgrounds

First and foremost I must apologise for the length of this post. As anyone that has read some of my previous posts will know I have been practising making ink blended backgrounds lately, following a techniques workshop I attended, though I had used this technique before, so was ahead of some in the class! It has been lovely to rediscover this technique.

A selection of completed backgrounds

I have found that it is useful, once you've gotten into the mindset of making these backgrounds, to sit down and produce all the backgrounds at once and only then to get out all of your stamps and have a play with what you want to add to your cards. Sometimes the colours just shout a theme at you, other times I have found that it is harder to decide the theme to go with. An example of this is the second card from the right just told me to go with a seaside theme, whereas with the right most card it took a little longer.

Happy Birthday Card (entered in the Lavinia Stamps August Challenge - 'Add some glitter')

Thank You Card (entered into the Butterfly Challenge Blog - #13 Butterfly with a sentiment)

Thinking of You Card - in progress, this card needs mounting on a coloured background before being stuck on a card (for Tom's Mormor who is unwell at the moment)

Just for You cards

These cards were ever so quick and easy to produce, they are small cards made from the off cuts of other cards I've made (I don't like to waste anything as you may be starting to realise). I simply blended a couple of shades of brown, masking only the top of the card with my torn edge, and then stamped this lovely Geese stamp (that we accidentally borrowed from Barbara who ran the techniques workshop with my mum) and added peel off sentiments.

It is fantastic how many different looks you can get in a card with one simple technique. Thanks for reading, if you want to know anymore about how I've created these cards please ask and I will try my best to help with your questions,

- Rebecca x

N.B. I will create a further post at a later date when I have turned all of my backgrounds into cards :)

Even my masking materials are nice and colourful!


  1. Love these Rebecca - looks like a great technique.
    Bev xx

  2. Love the effect! I'm definitely going to be trying this out. x