15 September 2014

Another Organisational Post

Just a quick post today, I just want to show you all one way I use to organise my stamps. The stamps concerned in this post are by Oakhouse Studio. When my first order from Oakhouse Studio arrived they were in a rather useful box so I decided that from then on as my collection of their stamps grew (regular readers will have already noted how much I like their products) I would keep them in that box.

My gorgeous (FREE) storage box for my OHS Stamps

Close up of the stamped image 

The next step was to decide how to store them within the box, I decided to opt for resealable bags. I then cut card stock to fit within the bags and stamped the image on to my card stock (writing in the top left hand corner which stamp set the images belonged to.

My collection of OHS stamps (stamped for ease of reference)

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- Rebecca