2 October 2014

Pearl Anniversary Card

Just a quick post today to show you all the anniversary card I made for Tom's parents who celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary a few days ago.

Left: Topper with Sentiment. Right: lower part of the card, quilting effect with pearls

The finished card (apologies for the poor quality of the photo, it was quite late by the time I was finished with this card and I just couldn't get the lighting right)

I had an idea to produce a quilted like effect in my head for quite some time so I decided to try and execute it on this card. (All was done on the card inside) First I drew a line approximately 2/3 up my card to demarkate (sp?) where I should score and where not to, then it took some playing around to work out how to score, I am reasonably happy with the finish result, though I will play some more before I am happy enough to explain how I did it! (and also do not have the time to explain as I have to get to bed as we are leaving home in the early hours to get to the airport :D). Once the scored part was done I embellished it with pearls (30 for 30 years and one stuck inside for luck - this actually happened by fluke fitting in with the pattern but let's say it was intentional, at least that's what they think!). A tiny incision was made on the spine of the card to thread the ribbon through and I cut a piece of card to cover the ribbon ends and the scoring. The card was finished by adding a scalloped circle punched from the same card stock and stamping Happy Pearl Wedding Anniversary To You (this was fun as the stamp actually said happy anniversary to you in one long strip, so some careful inking was required to stagger the stamping and a separate pearl stamp was used in addition to my careful stamping).

Sorry for the ramblings, I really wanted to get this done and published before leaving, I must rush off to bed now, thank for reading,

- Rebecca


  1. I'm sure Tom's parents were delighted to receive this beautiful card. xx

    1. They were indeed, and we can keep it quiet how the number of pearls was actually just a happy coincidence!

  2. Rebecca, this is so intricate and so elegant! I'm sure they will treasure this forever! It's very obvious that a lot of care and love went into making it!

    I want to thank you so much for joining me as a follower! I'm delighted to return the flavor! I'm sorry that Stuff And Such has kept me away until now, but I'm drafting my next New Friends Corner and have gotten to meet you at last! I hope to see you again soon at my place! Safe travels! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Thanks Darnell and thanks also for taking the time to stop by and read my blog :)